Be Bold and Confront That Mold

Be Bold and Confront That Mold

Find mold remediation & restoration services in Columbia, SC

Mold can be quite a nuisance in your Columbia, SC home or business. It can cause health problems and even damage the structure of your property. If you’re concerned about mold growing in your home or business, you can count on Fastrack Restoration to address it for you. We’ll inspect your site, diagnose the problem and come up with a solution to rid your property of mold.

You can reach us at 803-493-9095 to learn more about the dangers of mold on your property.

Look out for indicators of mold

You may not be able to detect mold on your own; however, it’s good to be aware of the locations and circumstances where it is likely to be found. According to the CDC, mold growth can occur as a result of:

  • Elevated humidity levels
  • Leaking roofs, windows and pipes
  • Flooding from storms or accidents
  • Improperly ventilated bath, laundry and cooking areas

If such conditions exist around your home, you should contact us for inspection, diagnosis and remediation as soon as possible.

Work with Fastrack Restoration to address the mold in your home or business.